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WEDNESDAY, December 13th, 2023,  6:45 - 9 pm
@ Boys & Girls Club of SLT (1100 Lyons Ave)_

Our December forum is all about YOU: your learning styles and how you best process information.  This forum is for everyone...come learn about yourself and those close to you.  This eye-opening forum will allow you to realize your strengths as a learner and those areas where you need to "stretch"!               

Leave with personal insight on who you are!

This forum was about each of us as individuals and how we fit into a collective school, at work, with our friends, even in our families. We learned about ourselves we perceive things, how we process things, and how we learn.  We got insight on our strengths and weaknesses (stretches) as a learner and person...and the goal was to make us more aware of why certain tasks are harder or easier for each of us...and not to give us an excuse, but rather to help us grow to our full potential as students,  lifelong learners, and great human beings.  



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